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About our summer  camps:
Our summer camp is about two things: FUN and GROWTH.
We help kids develop confidence in themselves, respect for others, and focus for school - all while they smile, laugh, and experience healthy fitness.
Our main purpose: Help your child get ahead in life. 
For thousands of years, martial arts has been used as a tool.
It's a tool for growth. For inner-development. For becoming a better person.
We're passionate about sharing this purpose with you and your child. That way they won't just have tons of fun, they'll become wiser & smarter too.
Fun activities keep your child moving building - fitness, health, & strength.
Every day of our camp is packed with activities that will have your child smiling from ear to ear... as they get fitter, healthier, and stronger.
With video games, tablets, and more - exercise has never been more important for your child. We'll make sure they get as much as they need so they grow up healthy and strong. Life lessons build character, confidence, and more.
Through our fun games and activities, we "secretly" teach kids important lessons on life.
We help them become more confident. We give them tools to focus better at school. And we teach them how to respect themselves and others.
That's what martial arts is really all about: growing and becoming a better you. That's the true gift we'll share with your child.


About Our After School Program:
Yes, your child will have FUN, Make Friends, and laugh (a lot).
But they'll also develop powerful life skills like discipline, focus, confidence,and more.  Ancient Martial Arts meets modern fun for one heck of a powerful program
We Truly Care About Your Child.
One thing parents love about our program is the level of care we put into it. We're truly passionate about helping kids grow and accomplish great things.
Fun & Games Keep Them Smiling & Laughing.
Every part of our program is laced with games and activities that kids LOVE. We disguise fitness and life skills with activities that make your child smile ear to ear. After all - these are kids we're dealing with!
And of course - homework & study time lets them finish their school work.
We also set aside time for your child to get their work done.Our center instantly transforms from a fun zone to a quiet study room at a moment's notice. (Pretty cool, right?)

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